Kristi Kennebrew | Your Key To Getting Hired!

July 24, 2023

Q: Hi, we're thrilled to learn more about you and your story today. Let's jump right into it. Can you start by briefly telling us about yourself?

A: Of course! My name is Kristi and I am the founder of the social media job search platform Get Me Hired Kristi. I'm an advocator for the underrepresented community, particularly those seeking entry-level and transferable roles. As a career content creator, I am dedicated to paving the way for others, breaking barriers so you don't have to.

Beyond my commitment to career development, I'm an avid networker who is always on the lookout for job opportunities and ways to educate women & people of color on how to communicate their self-worth in the workplace. I truly believe that getting into tech roles is a keyway for job seekers to begin the process of building generational wealth. I am committed to helping the minority job seeker community achieve this goal.

Q: How did you make the decision to pursue a career in tech? What was your biggest motivator?

A: If I'm being honest, the main reason I decided to pursue a career in tech was because I wanted money! My biggest fear was being broke after college, so I wanted to make sure that didn't happen. But once I got into tech, that is where my motivation to help others came into play.

It all started when I walked into my first tech job, met my team, and looked around to see there was no one that looked like me in the room. No one that looked to share the same experiences or background as me. I started to reflect on my own tech journey and how I got to where I was. Then realizing there was a need for access. I noticed a lot of people from my community did not have access to tech roles, recruiter contacts, or just someone to talk to that understand how the process works. The lack of knowledge on how to use professional social media site like LinkedIn was literally holding job seekers back from financial freedom & work-life balance.

I was lucky enough to have someone take a chance on me & teach me the ropes, so I decided to pave the way for others. I branched out and created GetMeHiredKristi, a social media job search platform where candidates have access! They can find entry level roles, jobs where they can use their transferable skills & have a recruiter contact. This was my way of giving back & letting my community know that I will help them with all the resources they need to be successful. Hence the birth of the famous phrase “Get me hired Kristi! Okay, I got you!”

Q: Can you tell us a little about any challenges you faced and lessons you've learned throughout your journey?

A: Sometimes we can do all the right steps & still not get the results that we want. From making your resume stand out to sending the perfect message to the hiring manager, we still have to take into account some of the factors that are out of our control like headcount, niche skill sets & even the economy. GetMeHiredKristi has always been a place to encourage job seekers to keep their heads up. I always talk persistence and strategy when it comes to receiving constant “Nos” in the job search.

My favorite phrase is “rejection is just redirection” and that is the theme we have as we work through the struggles of the job search.

Q: So, we would love to hear a bit more about the work you are doing to inspire others. Tell us about that.

A: Did you know that most of the time you ALREADY have the skills required to get into a new role? Yes, because TRANSFERABLE SKILLS ARE REAL! The Get Me Hired Kristi platform is dedicated to helping the black community gain access to entry level role, use the skills they have to land jobs in tech and gain financial wealth.

As Get Me Hired Kristi, I pride myself on having a big network and being able to connect any job seeker with entry level roles and recruiters for the company they are interested in. I love sharing stories on how I transitioned from the sales industry to tech recruiting, letting job seekers know that transferable skills are real and how they can make the same move as well! With over 200k followers on LinkedIn and a growing audience on Instagram, TikTok & Facebook, I use my platform to motivate candidates in the job search process & pave the way for others, so they don’t have to face the same barriers I did of being the only black person on my team.

My prayer is that the information I post on my platform will lead a job seeker to an amazing opportunity that starts generational wealth and work-life balance, providing a better living situation for their families. The goal has never been to follow Get Me Hired Kristi forever, but to take the knowledge and skills provided, land the job and create access for others to break into tech but sharing your own journey.

Q: How do you balance work-life, while maintaining maximum efficiency within your career and community involvement, business, etc.

A: It is definitely hard to have multiple things going on at one time, but when you have a passion for something it doesn't feel like work. I take everything one day at a time and make sure that every task I take on aligns with my passion, hobbies and goals. If it's not something were I'm helping underrepresented groups find jobs in tech or understanding their transferable skills (or food lol) then I'm unavailable for the project.

Q: Thanks for sharing that. What advice would you give to someone who is looking to start or advance their tech career?

A: For those looking to start a career in tech, my best advice would be to do your research first! Figure out which industry of tech you admire and where your current skills align to the most. Look into certifications or bootcamps if you find your dream area to be more technical. Then use LinkedIn to follow & connect with recruiters that hire for the roles you looking to get into. Utilize GetMeHiredKristi for access to those entry level jobs and ways to identify your transferable skills. Things have changed now from what you know to who you know, so let's be sure to make those connections!

For those looking to advance your career in tech, KNOW YOUR WORTH! Make sure you are keeping personal taps on all of your accomplishments and posting about them on LinkedIn. Something that has always helped me stay ahead of the game was setting up quarterly meetings with my director and VP. Usually these are the people making decisions about your money or your role, so you want to make sure they know your name and all the impact you are making! Last but not least continue to network even though you may be content in your career. You never know when things can take a turn in the tech industry or when you may be looking for a change.

Q: One last question – how can our readers connect with you, learn more or support you? Website, Instagram: Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, etc.

A: I am always grateful for the love and support that I get from my followers! First connect with me on LinkedIn: Kristi Kennebrew and follow me on Instagram, TikTok & Facebook @getmehiredkristi. I truly appreciate BLK Men in Tech for giving me the opportunity to share my story!