Jack Victor | Redefining Tech Pro Fashion

January 28, 2024

Q: Hi, we're thrilled to learn more about you and your story today. Let's jump right into it. Can you start by briefly telling us about yourself?

A: My name is Jack Victor, I am originally from Miami Florida but currently reside in Atlanta, Georgia. I work as a Technical Analyst for a well-known Shipping company and have been working in the tech space for over 10+ years. I also run a streetwear clothing brand with my wife named "Techky Apparel" for ALL tech and tech lovers, building more confidence for those who fear the need to code-switch when entering the tech space.

Q: How did you make the decision to pursue a career in tech? What was your biggest motivator?

A: I made the decision to pursue this career after having a hard conversation with my high school football coach when my grades weren't looking so well. I had the assumption that being a football player would smoothly take me through school so that I could play in college, and then into the pros. However, he taught me the reality of what could happen along the way and suggested I find a backup plan. Not just any backup plan, but one that I'd love to do. I've always been known to fix the technology around the house and did not realize how much I really enjoyed problem-solving until that moment with my coach. Therefore, once I found out I could make a profession out of it, I went head first.

Q: Can you tell us a little about any challenges you faced and lessons you've learned throughout your journey?

A: In my journey as a black professional in the tech industry, I've faced a series of challenges that demanded resilience and determination to overcome. Initially, the scarcity of representation made me feel isolated, and I faced biased assumptions about my skills and qualifications. The lack of accessible opportunities and unequal pay. Microaggressions and discrimination often tested my spirit, while limited avenues for advancement hindered my progress. Yet, I refused to be defined by these barriers. So what I learned was, that by seeking out mentors within and outside my organization, I gradually broke through these obstacles. I immersed myself in continuous learning, obtaining the necessary skills through independent study and networking events. My perseverance and dedication allowed me to excel, eventually breaking through. Through my journey, I've not only overcome these challenges but transformed them into stepping stones, building a path for future generations of black tech professionals to follow.

Maintaining my stride in a world where I'm making a real impact.

Q: So, we would love to hear a bit more about the work you are doing to inspire others. Tell us about that.

A: I'm all about igniting inspiration through my work, and this fire drove me to co-create my clothing line, with a powerful message. The concept of making a real impact by addressing the diversity gap within the tech industry had been brewing in my mind. Seeing that gap, my partner and I made a decision: we'd funnel our creativity into fashion to spark up discussions about diversity and inclusion.

It's not just about the clothes; it's about sparking conversations and raising awareness. We felt this urge to bridge the gap, mixing our own identity with the tech culture. Through these streetwear-inspired designs, we're infusing innovation and creativity into an industry that's ripe for transformation. Each piece of clothing tells a bold story, one that resonates not only with the tech community but also with those who may be interested in the field of technology itself. By weaving these values deep into our brand's core, we're steering a movement, having some serious conversations, and stoking the flames of change.

Q: How do you balance work-life, while maintaining maximum efficiency within your career and community involvement, business, etc.

A: Juggling work, life, and everything else I'm passionate about is a bit of a tightrope act, but it's one I embrace. Balancing my commitment to my brand, community engagement, and all the other pieces of the puzzle isn't always easy, but I've figured out a groove that works for me. Efficiency is my secret sauce. Pouring my heart into my designs and sparking conversations lights me up, and I've picked up some tricks along the way to keep things humming. Yet, I'm no stranger to the art of hitting pause and recharging. It's like weaving these moments of "me time" into the bigger picture. So, if you ask how I manage it all—well, it's a blend of unwavering dedication and a splash of self-care.

Q: Thanks for sharing that. What advice would you give to someone who is looking to start or advance their tech career?

A: My advice would be, If you're looking to dive into the tech world or aiming to level up, here's my two cents. First off, passion is your fuel. Find what gets your heart racing and dive in headfirst. And don't just skim the surface take the plunge. Learning never stops, so keep that curiosity alive.

Second, networking is gold. Connect with folks in the field, join tech communities, and attend meetups or conferences. Those connections can open unexpected doors. Plus, don't shy away from mentors. Their insights are priceless.

Third, embrace challenges. Tech is all about problem-solving. Don't fear the hurdles; they're your stepping stones. Every bug you squash and every code you tweak is a victory.

Lastly, remember you're not just a techie—you're a human. Take care of yourself. Burnout's a real thing, so find that balance between coding marathons and Netflix binges.

In a nutshell, fuel your passion, network like a pro, face challenges head-on, and don't forget to give yourself a breather. Welcome to the tech adventure!

Q: One last question – how can our readers connect with you, learn more or support you? Website, Instagram: Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, etc.

A: Absolutely, I'd love to stay connected! Feel free to hop onto my website [www.TechkyApparel.com]to explore my journey, products, and updates. You can catch us on Instagram [Techky Apparel] for behind-the-scenes peeks and daily inspirations. And hey, let's not forget TikTok and YouTube for some engaging content and insights under the same name. For a bit more of a personal touch, connect with me on my personal Instagram page [Teh_knowledge24_7]. Whichever platform suits your vibe, I'm there, ready to connect, learn, and grow together.